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WinPCSIGN already installed the cutters drivers, so you only need select your plotter from the plotter list. ( Setting/Plotter Code /Port :Com, USB, Lpt1 etc) If your plotter is not on the list, please contact us via email.

Note: WinPCSIGN 2009,2010, 2012 & 2014 are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 32 & 64 bits.

99% of the problem with vinyl cutter are relate to communication. Please verify if a port :Com, USB, Adapter or Parallel is enabled on your computer. (See picture). WinPCSIGN cannot invent a port on your computer automatically. WinPCSIGN only sends your job through the enable port.

Related error message : Cant initialize cutting device, please check configuration!

Depending of the plotter connection, you can select:

-Serial port (Com1,2) (9 pin male connection in your computer.) If your new computer does not have the serial port, and your cutter does not offer USB connection, you need to buy an
(see picture below)

-USB FTDI. (need cable driver) Select USB or Com port 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc
-USB standard (need a printer driver) Select USB port from WinPCSIGN.
-USB to Serial adapter (Select a Com port from WinPCSIGN) (need FTDI driver)
-CH3 Need driver (select a Com port from WinPCSIGN)
-USB to parallel adapter (Experts only. Select LPT1, LPT2,3,4... )
-Parallel Port ( standard print port Lpt1, Lpt2) (25 pin female in compu.)
-Windows port (Need printer driver) Normally using by GCC plotter.

The default Baud Rate value is 9600, however some new vinyl cutter use: 38400 or different. Set it from WinPCSIGN /Plotter Code/
Baud rate
Finally you need to review the Flow control ( in Windows Device manager) Xon /Xoff or Hardware.

What about the vinyl cutters:
Graphtec, GCC

We can take your computer via control remote and review the setting. If do you want to do it, you need to download and install
Team Viewer 11 software and send the ID and Password via email to signmax@signmax.ca

Here are tutorials about communication port and how to set them:

Double click on one of this movie below :

1: How can I set my vinyl cutter on WinPCSIGN?

2: How can I check what Com port I have on my computer?

How can install my USB-SERIAL adaptor?

How can I use my cutter with an USB cable usign com port ?

How can I change USB-SERIAL com Number (com,1,2,3,4,5 etc

How can I use a vinyl cutters with USB cable directly from WinPCSIGN

If you dont have the USB FTDI cable driver,click here to download
After downloading , double click to unzip and install it.

My cutter stops working in the middle of a job

If you have Pro 2007 with Rockey 4 and you are trying install it in Windows 64 bit
Here is the solution

Installation picture :
Double Click to enlarge the picture

We also recommend to check your COM Port in Command prompt DOS.
Type CMD from search screen (run). Then on black screen, type MODE and press Enter.
If you want to see if Com1 or 2 is enable in your computer, type the commande Mode:Com1:96,N,8,1
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