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Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:41 pm Reply with quote
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How to run Saga, US Cutter Titan, Secabo S120 IV, with WinPCSIGN?

If you don't see Titan driver in WinPCSIGN/Plotter code/Add-remove, click here to
download then unzip and copy to Signmax/WinPCSIGN/CFG folder. Titan driver will run Saga and Secabo S120 IV machines

This machine connects via USB needs a Printer driver.
You can also use a serial connection using a USB-Serial adapter

Click here to watch a video

If you don't have Saga printer driver click here to
Download printer driver
Very important: You need to run this file as administrator.

If you dont have Titan printer driver click here
Download printer driver 32 bit
Download printer driver 64 bit

-If the driver SAGA, TITAN or Cutter do not appear in WinPCIGN/ Plottercode/Port/USB/
Select USB cutter
-Check under the Windows Printer list if the Titan or Saga driver is installed.
-If the printer is there and you cannot edit to change the port. Unplug the plotter cutter.
-Install the driver (32 or 64 bit (run administrator)
-Open the driver and check if the selected port (usb1,2 etc) is in use by another printer. If the port is in use, change for a different one
-Finally select it in WinPCSIGN/Plotter code/Port/USB/Select USB plotter

If our driver does not work we recommend downloading from Saga web site

You can download TeamViewer. This software allows us to check your setup via control remote
Please download Team Viewer software version 11. Then send to me your ID and password
Here is the link:
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