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Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 9:50 pm Reply with quote
This is generally caused by one of two things.

First, you may not have the blade depth set correctly. To test the blade depth, do the following:

1.) Take a scrap piece of vinyl and place it on a flat surface (such as a table).

2.) Take the blade holder out of the cutter.

3.) While holding the blade holder press the tip of the blade down against the vinyl on the table and move it across the vinyl about an inch.

4.) Check to see how the vinyl is cut: if the vinyl is cut all the way through, but the backing of the vinyl isn’t cut then you have a good blade depth.

5.) If the vinyl is not completely cut, extend the blade depth. If the backing is cut, shorten the blade depth.

6.) You should have VERY little blade sticking out of the blade holder. When you have the blade set to the correct depth, you can press your finger against the blade sticking out of the blade holder and NOT cut your finger.

Second, there are two holes on the carriage (the black casing that moves back and forth when the machine is cutting vinyl) the blade holder can go into. You need to insert the blade holder into the BACK hole. To make sure you have the blade holder in the correct slot, the tip of the blade should move over the white “protection strip” (the white plastic strip that is about ¼ inch wide and goes across the complete width of the cutter) NOT over the ruler. Also make sure the “lip” on the side of the blade holder is flush against the hole on the cutter.

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