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Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 3:16 pm Reply with quote
Many new laptop computers and some desktop models are now sold without RS232 serial ports and instead are equipped with USB ports.

There are some companies that sell USB to RS232 converters as well as other add-on multi port serial adapters that connect to a PC through the USB port. All of these converters and add-on adapters are supplied with a Windows "device driver" that gets installed in your PC.
DESCRIPTION: The USB Converter provides an easy solution for adding new or additional Com Ports (Com1, Com2, Com3 etc) to Windows computers through their USB ports. The RS-232 connection is the standard 9-pin D Type male connector. The unit is powered from the USB connection, so no external power supply is necessary.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: The Converter can be used to add additional Com ports to your PC, This adapter does not require the assignment of an IRQ (Interrupt Request). The computer must have the proper USB connectors installed.

Once this converter is installed on your computer you can use your Plotter with WinPCSIGN Software. From WinPCSIGN,Setting Menu, select Plotter Code and choose the setting serial Com port (do not select usb port).

NEW com PORT: You can verify the serial com port created by Windows, selecting Device Manager from Control Panel System, Hardware.

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