Premium blade holder with caps and 60 degrees blade

Premium blade holder with caps and 60 degrees blade

This blade holder with 4 caps and 60 degrees premium blade is perfect to cut thick material like cardstock, cardboard, bazzill, rhinestone vinyl, chipboard, reflective vinyl for city sign and sandblast material.

45 degree blades are also available. Send us an email to if are interested in this blade.

$51.75 (USD)


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Duty free (USA)


  • 4 caps
  • 1 blade holder
  • 1 blade 60 degree
  • Adjustable strips


  • SM
  • Redsail
  • Signmax
  • Bridge
  • Refine
  • UScutter


Blade type 60 degrees

  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Bazzill
  • Chipboard
  • Reflective vinyl
  • Rhinestone material
  • Sandblast material


Cutting test

Before beginning your job, make a cutting test using a sample of your material and select parameters (speed, strength, offset, blade's angle and caps)

Media thickness

We can classify media in 4 categories:

A) Thin or Film 0.1 mm or 4 mils
B) Strong paper 0.2 mm or 8 mils
C) Cardboard 0.3 mm or 12 mils
D) Thick or Chipboard 0.3 mm or 12 mils (between 0,75 mm (30 mils)

How to evaluate the thickness

Estimate the thickness of your media, offered media are calibrated and standardized. However you can estimate by comparing the thickness of your media with the thickness of a media known as the common printer paper.

How to adjust the blade tip

By using media to be cut place a scrap on a hard surface and maintaining the blade holder and blade adjusted in simulated by hand the cutting motion a small circle.

When to replace the blade

Your cut quality suddenly gets worse. You have to increase more and more blade pressure to obtain a clean cut. The corners and tight turns do not cleanly lifted up paper in corners.

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