Mechanical Pointer

Mechanical Pointer

Exclusive to the MECHANICAL POINTER for CONTOUR CUTTING is an excellent alternative to laser cutters.

Many dealers try to confuse buyers into believing that the cutting plotter optical or laser sensor automatically cuts the edges of the pictures printed on vinyl. The optical or laser sensor only recognizes the location of the vinyl sheet. The optical sensor does not read or save the image printed on vinyl because it is not a scanner and you need to have a true signmaking software to do it.

The machine that can do it cost about 10 times more than a cutting plotter. Now we have the solution for Redsail SM and Vinyl Express cutters.

$26.25 (USD)


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Duty free (USA)



  • Contour cut image limitation 48" x 24" max.


  • Software: WinPCSIGN BASIC (2010, 2012) or WinPCSIGN PRO 2014.
  • Vinyl cutter: Redsail, SM or Vinyl Express.


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