Acrylic Sheets 48&#39&#39 X 95&#39&#39

Acrylic Sheets 48'' X 95''

Coloured acrylic has excellent UV stability and can have a life of about 15 – 20 years when used outside and is completely durable in all weathers. Extruded acrylic sheets are suitable for a variety of applications. It has an excellent surface finish, is of very consistent thickness across a sheet and is ideal for general fabrication purposes.

  • Acrylic cast for luminous box - Thickness 1/8 (3mm)
  • Solid black acrylic cast - Thickness 1/8 (3mm)
  • White transparent acrylic cast - Thickness 1/8 (3mm)
  • White solid acrylic cast - Thickness 1/4 (6mm)
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