SM 30" - Sign Making Cutter Package #1

SM 30" - Sign Making Cutter Package #1

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SM 30 - Vinyl cutter + Stand

SM 30 - Vinyl cutter

SM vinyl cutter series is a high quality and affordable choice for entry-level sign makers and do-it yourself vinyl cutting enthusiasts. The SM cutter series is offered in 12, 15, 24, 30 and 48 inch models.

With it's variable speed and cutting force, the SM is perfectly suited for cutting a variety of material including adhesive vinyl, window film, heat press vinyl, hard paperboard, sandblast stencil, mask material and much more.



This sign making software will make you design independent from software like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, as it will let you do all possible graphic editing, that you need for preparing your cutting files.

Diamond engraving kit

Diamond engraving kit

Exclusive to the Diamond engraving kit allow you to use your vinyl cutter to engrave aluminum, brass & anodized metals.


  • 1 DVD Diamond engraving "For learning how to engrave".
  • 1 Liner 11" x 8 " (279.4mm X 203.2mm)
  • 4 Metal Engraving Samples
  • 1 Carrier 12" x 8" (304.8mm X 203.2mm)
Mechanical pointer

Mechanical pointer

Exclusive to the MECHANICAL POINTER for CONTOUR CUTTING is an economic alternative to automatic laser cutter.


  • 1 Mechanical pointer
  • 1 Installation CD with videos
SMX vinyl Starter kit - 3 years outdoor

SMX vinyl starter kit - 3 Years outdoor - 6 Vinyl Rolls - (24'' x 4')

Our number one selling cuttable material for creating Signs, Wall decorations & Car stickers

Colors: White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow & Red

Transparent transfert tape

Transparent Transfer Tape

Easely transfer your vinyl graphics to the lettering substrate and wet applications.

Includes: 1 tape 6'' x 10 yards + 1 tape 2'' x 10 yards

1 Squeegee

1 Squeegees

Squeegee of superior quality. Ideal for applying a pressure on your job before the tranfer process.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year warranty

OUr warranty cover the repairment or replacement of parts and equipment found to be defective in materials or workmanship. SignMAX also cover WinPCSIGN broken dongle or lost installation disk during the warranty period.

Sign making projects created with WinPCSIGN & vinyl cutters

Included Recommended cutter width : 12" Cutter & greater cutter
Small office and residential signs
Small office and residential signs
Engraves trophies, dogs & ID plates
Engraves trophies, dogs & ID plates
Vinyl for sports and custom motorcycle
Vinyl for sports and custom motorcycles.
Included Recommended cutter width : 24 " Cutter & greater cutter
Vinyl and lettering for cars
Vinyl and lettering for cars.
Vinyl and lettering for sports and custom boats
Vinyl and lettering for sports and custom boats.
Street signage
Street signage
Small and Medium banners
Small and Medium banners
Included Recommended cutter width : 48 " Cutter
Large banners for festival and events
Large banners for festival and events.
Vinyl and lettering for sports and custom Cars
Vinyl and lettering for sports and custom Cars.
Vinyl and lettering for RVs
Vinyl and lettering for RVs.
Large to small commercial ads
Large to small commercial ads
* Take note that everything you see here can be done with a smaller cutter, but it will be easier to cut and paste with a larger plotter.


Control System RISC CPU
Buffer Capacity 1MB
Drive type Stepper motor
Acceptable media width 2 à 31" Inches
Maximum cutting width 27" Inches
Maximum cutting speed 24" inches/second
Cutting Pressure 10-500 grams
LCD display English
Mechanical Resolution 1000 DPI
Repeatability 0.004" Inches
Commands / Language HPGL
Control Panel English
Interfaces RS232 "SERIAL"
Power C90V--220V

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